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  • The first portion of the testing is quite remarkable and you'll likely see many changes during this time. World of Warcraft is no stranger to changes, and Battle for Azeroth, that is still in development is beginning to change. The final boss within the dungeon, Siege of Boralus, experienced a big change. Initially, one more boss was Kraken, but this changed to Behamat.

    Behamat has this description “Summoned in the depths by Lady Ashvane to destroy what remains of Boralus’ defenses, Behamat has devastated the harbor. Capable of pulling entire galleons towards the crushing depths, this leviathan has to be defeated prior to Kul Tiran fleet is destroyed.” There was a datamined text where Lady Ashvane is summoning something through the sea, to crush Boralus.

    Though Lady Ashvane is not a final boss in Siege of Boralus, this leaves the curiosity on whether she will be described as a boss within https://www.mmoah.com/warmane
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World of Warcraft Releases The Kraken in Siege of Boralus

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