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  • Aura Kingdom Mobile remain the highlights of Aura Kingdom from platform-style graphics cute cartoon action with engaging gameplay. However, the interface of Aura Kingdom Mobile may be adjusted to match the touchscreen of the mobile device.

    Aura Kingdom Mobile isn't going to offer the range of character class, however for players deciding to use different kinds of weapons for every class respectively, it's easy to see in RPGs. Include: Dual Blades (Duelists), Sword and Shield (Guardians), the Great Ax (Ravagers), Staff (Wizards), Dual Pistols (Gunslingers), Cannon (Grenadiers), Magic Book (Sorcerers) and Harp (bards). In addition, players also received invaluable help of Eidolon with special abilities for example moving faster, buff strengthen character ...

    After 24 months of opening the marketplace in Taiwan, Aura Kingdom Mobile officially global version 2 OS on both Android and iOS. Currently, Vietnam contains the gaming community can join games with https://www.mmoah.com/aura-kingdom
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Aura Kingdom Mobile launches worldwide

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