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  • The game features a new mode: Overdrive. This new game mode has you play in real-time against a pre-set defense in real time. You score points by using a fantasy scoring system. This is the new the madden mobile game series to obtain this head-to-head format.

    On the surface of this new mode, the sport also incorporates a brand new engine using the increasingly powerful cell phone systems in the marketplace. The game is open for pre-registration now. If you’re thinking about getting in front of your opponents, participate in the Madden NFL Mobile game now to earn Preseason Tickets that could give you a benefit in Overdrive later this coming year.

    While Madden NFL Mobile were built with a tie-in towards the Madden 18 Longshot story mode, it's not necessarily clear right now if it will have a similar story mode in Madden 19. If there is, the reality that it will have a tie-in exactly the same is high. Even though the tie-in has not been vital to playing Longshot in Madden 18, it served being an engaging side activity. Fans declared it was worth downloading the mobile app with the tie-in.

    Not additional was announced for Madden Mobile and Madden NFL Overdrive. The game is arriving out Aug. 15, 2018 on all iOS and Android https://www.mmoah.com/madden-mobile
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Madden NFL Overdrive: The Next Step for Madden NFL Mobile Games

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