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  • Your first Arcane Symbol will provide you with Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos +30 AF and +300 Stat, and needs 11 Symbols to level up to level two, giving +40 AF and +400 Stat. The next level requires 14 Symbols, gives +50 AF and +500 Stat, plus the number of Arcane Symbols forced to level the Arcane Symbol is constantly increase exponentially. Arcane Symbols are Equips and are in the Equipment Tab, and will be combined insurance agencies one equipped and looking to equip another.The first technique is killing mobs. The mobs here drop Arcane Symbols and Core Gemstones.

    With no drop rate, expect about... 1 Arcane Symbol every 5 hours. Im not even kidding. Also, Arcane Symbols are Untradable.The second method daily missions. After completing the whole quest line, you're able to do daily missions for 8 symbols each day (5 quests which give 1 each, if you complete all, free 3 symbols!) These quests let you choose a fresh quest if you do not like the one given, but only once. The quests include Killing 200 of any Mob, Killing 130 of the mob (Erda Lanterns only), Collecting 50 Samples of an mob, Collecting 33 samples of an mob (Erdas Lanterns only), Delivering 30 items from a certain section in an npc randomly located inside section.V Matrix System and Core GemstonesThe 5th job uses V Matrix system that enables you to Enhance second, third or fourth job skills, or obtain additional skills. All these can be carried out by obtaining cores from Core Gemstones.First, How do we get Core Gemstones? There is currently one way, killing mobs on the Arcane River.

    Expect about 2 cores each hour without drop rate. They are inter account tradable until you craft them, where they become tradable.Before we explain, we should instead know how Core Gemstones work. They open for that you obtain a core, and that is completely random, is usually for any job and is particularly separated into three different categories. A normal enhancement core which boosts second, third and fourth job skills is easily the most common and contains a black background, a form of art core offers you a new skill and contains a blue background, along with the rarest, carries a purple background and gives special stats provided you with fulfill the conditions at the wedsite: https://www.mmoah.com/maplestory-2
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Maplestory: The Fifth Job And Arcane River Guide

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