Tera announces Lakan's Fury update, coming June 6th

  • Tera has announced its latest update, Lakan's Fury, also extra time to its 5th Anniversary event. Now ending on June 5th, 10 A.M. PDT, players ought to have a chance to earn more blue boxes before the big event ends, with Tera Items anniversary tokens fading right after the June 6th Maintenance. However, as the Anniversary event involves its formal conclusion, Nightmare Lakan will probably be for sale to be challenged in the all-new level 65 dungeon, Velik's Sanctuary (Hard).
    With the very least , item number of 429, Velik's Sanctuary (Hard) contains a daily entry limit of a single (2 for elite players), and it is particularly rated for just a 5-star difficulty level.
    Velik's Sanctuary (Hard) isn't only dungeon players Tera XBOX Items will more than likely be competent to challenge in the latest update, however. A new solo dungeon known because Pit of Petrax, also level 65, is suitable for players to challenge. With a daily entry limit of 3 (4 for elite players), players can challenge Petrax for earrings, rings, tokens, feedstock, an infusion item, and crystal box rewards. Lakan's Fury will be to be accessible Tuesday, June 6th.