Fortnite Still Exists, Should Release This Year

  • The hybrid concoction game—between Team Fortress 2, tower defense, and Minecraft—called Fortnite Traps will likely release into Open Beta in 2010, as outlined by an aside produced by Epic Games co-founder Tim Sweeney. If you don't know anything about Fortnite  you should look into the trailer below to secure a general idea.
    Fortnite was announced way back 2011, after which scheduled to discharge in 2015. That didn't happen.
    When the action does launch into Open Beta it's going to follow Fortnite Skins the same release principle as Paragon: stay in testing for free—for quite a long time. That works. It's helped Paragon reach a large audience and solidify itself from the MOBA department.
    We should learn much more about Fortnite before 2018.