"Soul Worker" officials with the message

  • Soul Worker producer / NHN PlayArt Co., Ltd. stone people Emperor
     in 2012, approximately 15 minutes cannot play " Soul Worker Dzenai to experiment with the demo version of" visual similar to Japanese animation was love to begin with sight in, negotiate with LION GAMES in the development company, it absolutely was able to sign a binding agreement.
     Now it is always to get the four years and a long time through the contract, in cooperation with LION GAMES, and finished that has a game to relish in Japan of everyone.
     Soul Worker is, and visual, such as inside the anime, inside the voice with the main character for being played in full voice + real-time, it is possible to enjoy an atmosphere as if we were holding operating animation on the hero yourself.
     In addition, even though it's online Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai games, also we're preparing of support to prospects who prefer solo play. Easy to fellow can recruiting function for anyone to experience in multiplayer also implements. Also take pleasure in the guys as well as the community, you can now be also overlooked slowly from the space of your personal.
     And especially, be described as a good custom response commitment pulled action is always that you'd expect. Once at all cost, please feel to try out!
     On July 10, we shall announce the details with the game with the official site. Please enjoy future developments.