"Valkyrie" Weier Li three-turn ban Closers romantic winter coat

  • Yan Yuan over value of the secondary cross-action online games Closers today open end of the year preceding version. Proud petite sister "Valkyrie" Weier Li official three-turn awakening, elite players exclusive luxury packs running. Winter coat romantic theme, the devil converter activities have appeared, is bound to set off a carnival-dimensional world of the end of the year!
    [Valkyrie] awakening Weier Li three turn ban
    Sword Girls, noble Missy, portable and other classic butler set the Weier Li became everyone's Closers Credits World of love. Playfully high cooling and neurotic personality is in sharp contrast Weier Li Meng beings down another big weapon. As the protagonist in all sense of the most complex operations dual persona "seal who" Weier Li's Tier bound to bring more unique operating experience. After completing the three-turn task, Weier Li will unlock two EX skill, a skill buff and a new nirvana, it has also been quite appalling to enhance the property.
    "Valkyrie" Weier Li to switch the exclusive character image
    [Highlight: doppelganger]
    Weier Li's body to strengthen the application of the method to the extreme, even temporarily achieve another level of self.
    Become a prominent, half projected state, Weier Li avatar appear, in addition to the use of a separate Thang Long chipping and chipping reverse Thang Long, Weier Li imitate other fundamental attack action
    And cause a corresponding attack damage by 30%.
    After entering the doppelganger state gorgeous even strokes
    [EX camellia flowers]
    Quick wielding a large sword play combo attack, causing physical damage within a radius of 5m range, by pressing the button to display their skills, additional attack,
    Enemies within Weier Li is bound to repel facing direction, to obtain 80% of the damage reduction effect display their skills.
    [EX] outbreak edge
    Injecting super powers in a large sword, the release together with Sebastian and then poking out of a can not be described in powers dealing magic damage to enemies in front of 18m.
    Weier Li teamed up with the housekeeper output
    Weier Li's body to strengthen the ability to cut off all concentrated in the action, the enemy to split the momentum of space radius of 12m.
    2 times the physical damage to display their magic Zhanji /. By 80% damage reduction effect to display their skills.
    Knife from flowers, Weier Li trademark of operation
    Weier Li tacit understanding with the housekeeper
    Cold winter, wearing a warm coat big to go what best combat. Dr. Shiratori keenly aware of the seal players who play hard winter, and this week launched a specially warm and stylish romantic winter coat. After the update, welcomed the seal who went Bunny sauce converter packs to buy winter coat [A type], or buy windbreaker packs [B type] and [C-type] in the mall. Remarkably, all the little sister winter coat will be accompanied by a unique double ponytail hairstyle, it can be quite cute.
    Closers romantic winter coat renderings
    [Storm hit the devil converter crazy rich material exchange]
    Careless Bunny Washing sauce accidentally knocked over, unfortunately caused a lot of devil converter fled! They scattered in every copy, you need to seal all the brave who went to catch! Each caught devil converter, can obtain the corresponding number of materials [the UNION gold], they can be exchanged using super bright fibers, dimensional stability such as cracks scarce material. In addition, between November 25 to November 26 date log in the game and stay on the line, there are colored bright converters, frequency recast shock equalizer and other free benefits waiting for you to collect!
    Cheap Closers Credits beautiful illustration: Winter Springs topic
    Weier Li Yan little sister super value to switch awakening, romantic winter theme windbreaker shelves, devil converter limit activities open! This winter locked "seal who" dimensional world waiting for you to join.