Latest Update Brings 'Fistfighter' Jin Seipatsu On Board

  • The latest Soul Worker Dzenai update has become deployed by Gameforge. In this patch, players should be able to take on the role of Jin Seipatsu, a Fistfighter class the spot that the body turns into a weapon. In addition, a whole new raid is protected called the Golden Citadel.
        The Golden Citadel is open and awaiting new challengers to traverse its mesmerizing yet daunting structure, made up of five thematic rooms. The fifth and final room conceals a boss that’s guaranteed to  illuminate fear to their hearts. Those who survive the Golden Citadel can vanish with incredible new item drops, including materials to craft new stat-boosting gear and even more. To gain access to the citadel, players must first complete all casual raids and after that speak to Io in Ruin Fortress.
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