Cristiano Ronaldo will be the biggest beneficiary of Madrid tra

  • A paper ban, Buy FIFA Mobile Coins FIFA dismissed the selling point of Real Madrid, the Milky Way ships cannot make signings next year, "daily sports newspaper" said this analysis, C Ronaldo can be the biggest beneficiary of Real Madrid over the ban."C Ronaldo to Real Madrid's contract expires on June 30, 2018, while doing so, buy fifa 16 coins

    FIFA has announced how the next two transfer window against Real Madrid signings, so that Real Madrid will delay until January 2018 to come, so C Ronaldo will sign a fresh contract can be a priority."

    "now from the favorable situation, can request to Real Madrid for much more money, when he knew that prior to the end with the contract, Real Madrid it's impossible to replace him. Both sides from the negotiations happen to be opened, C Ronaldo to Real Madrid is anticipated to contract until 2020""Real Madrid another contract negotiations star is Baer, cheap fifa 17 coins although he asked the salary is much higher than the Real Madrid are able to provide"